The mission of the Ashland Rotary Education Grant is to promote “Servant Leadership in the communities we serve. The Grant is to provide funds for student based projects that engage school and community, builds leadership abilities in the student involved, is inclusive of the whole community, and promotes cultural benefits for the community.

The Ashland Rotary will look for projects where either:

     A) A moderate amount of grant money an give a project momentum (OR)
     B) Dedicated Rotarian/Community support will affect a significant result

Approved projects will:

  • Encourage student cooperation, team building, and provide leadership development opportunities
  • Allow for interaction and participation with Rotarians and community
  • members
  • Are creative, innovative, and allow student skills development in academic or enrichment areas of their life
  • Enhance understanding of leadership and Community engagement
  • Provide opportunities for student activities and learning not currently avail able

The primary focus of the grant is to develop “servant leadership”, and will not be used for:

  • Support for extra-curricular activities of a club, sport, or to reward non “servant leadership” activities
  • Support for travel for individuals or student groups such as bands, sports teams, or clubs
  • Support routine operating expenses or to eliminate previously incurred expenses



2 Types Of Grants Are Available


There will be up to three grants awarded each year
Applications must be received by May 1st of each year, with grants being awarded by June 1st  for
the next school year


Grant amounts of $50 - $200
Funds must be used within 45 days of approval
Grants can be applied for at any time, with grants awarded within 15 days after application


Community Building Grant 

Grant Funds will be given to organizations and educational institutions that build our community and region along with helping community members through a project or program that incorporates the Rotary Club principles found in its Four-Way Test.

Priority is given to proposals that include one or more of the guiding principles found in the  Rotary Club Four-Way Test:

1. Leadership

2. Relationship Building: 

a. Is the project true?b. Is it bringing fairness to all concerned?c. Will it build goodwill and better friendships amongst the community served?d. Will it be beneficial to all concerned? 3. Problem Solving:a. Does this address and help an ethical issue?b. Does this connect and build relationships amongst people with differences?4. Partnerships:a. Is there an element of  mentoring

b. Will this inspire or demonstrate volunteering to serve others? 

Who is Eligible? 

Eligible applicants are school districts, colleges and universities, cooperative educational agencies, tribal units of government, and private nonprofit organizations. Grants are only awarded to proposals that are located within the geographic boundaries of the school district of Ashland, Washburn, and Bayfield, Wisconsin.

Grant Award Process:

a) The selection committee will comprise of appointed Rotarians. We will keep the communication lines open if we have additional questions. b) If awarded, grant recipients are required to make a presentation less than 20 minutes to Ashland Rotary Club as part of receiving the funds.  c) $50-$2,000. Occasionally larger amounts considered. We award an average of $10,000 twice a year, $20,000 total.d) Applications: Electronic submissions only. Please let us know if there is an issue.            e) Notification Time: June 15 and November 15 2019. The project must be completed within 12 months of the award.  Please notify us in writing if there is a delay. We will notify grant award recipients on December 1, 2019 for the November15 2019 grant round.f) We ask that you publically recognize the Rotary Community Building Grant in any presentations, newspaper articles and social media posts. Suggested language: “Funding for this project made possible by the Ashland Rotary Club Community Building Grant.” We need help in creating awareness of our funds to build better communities. g) Project must be satisfactorily completed before applying for new funds. If project is cancelled or not complete, we ask that the organization listed or Lead return the entire grant sum.  h) Grant funds are typically not available for projects that are currently in process or complete. However please check in with any questions on funding for current projects. 

We do not fund:  

Individuals (aside from Service Above Self scholarships) 

Fundraising activities

Requests from re-granting organizations for its own grant-making activities

Tickets for benefits

Telephone solicitations


Religious organizations for religious activities

Medical research

Debt retirement

Political organizations or campaigns

Organizations with significant activity considered influencing of legislation

Brief description of the Project 

Project Title:

Amount Requested:

Project Timeline:

Which of the Four Pillars does your project address?   

1. Leadership2. Relationship Building: a. Is it the Truth?b. Is it fair to all concerned?c. Will it build goodwill and better friendships?d. Will it be beneficial to all concerned? 3. Problem Solving:a. Ethical Issueb. Connecting Relationships4. Partnerships:a. Mentoringb. Volunteering

Describe your project (250 words or less) and how it addresses one or more of the Four-Way Test and helps build community?  Please use a separate word  attachment if needed or answer below.

Project Budget:  What are the costs associated with the project?  What are other sources of funding your group is pursuing? (grants, tickets sales, donations, etc.)

Number of people in the community impacted by the project?

Lead on the Project (Contact info required name/email/phone number) This is the individual responsible for the completion of the grant. 


CEO, Superintendent of organization (Contact info required name/email/phone number)    


Please copy and paste as needed and send along with the word documents. 

Contact Madelaine Rekemeyer

651-792-5534(text/mobile) or


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